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Three key components of a successful blog

In a world where there are a million blogs, and a thousand new blogs surface every day, how do you succeed? It is by focusing on key aspects of your blog. Here are some key components of a successful blog according to Rack Alley: Relevance When we setup our blog for the first time, weRead More

Tips for new web designers

If you are new to website design or want to take it up as a career, the usual problem is, where do you start? Assuming you have the content and images ready, then getting the basic site design is the place to start. Here are some tips for aspiring new designers: Keep it simple TryRead More

What is Etoro Forex Trading?

Etoro forexis a trading foreign exchange trading platform used by traders today. The forex trading market is a complex one and one of the primary purposes of creating the etoro platform was to simplify it for new investors, and even for those who are seasoned traders but new to forex. In that vein the etoroRead More

5 SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Do not just focus on rankings Rankings matter as long as they lead to other more crucial benefits such as an increase in traffic, a good amount of leads and ultimately sales and profits. All businesses depend on profits to remain in business and expand. Focus on SEO efforts instead on getting your products knownRead More

Programmatic Ad Buying 101

Programmatic ad buying is a method used by advertisers to purchase media at a volume that was not previously possible. This newer method of display advertising enables marketers to reach larger segments of people, through publications that deliver highly-targeted audiences. The result is better conversion rates, increase reach and the ability to truly harness theRead More

How to Make Email Marketing Strategies Work

What makes email marketing so effective? Why do marketers continue to use email as a platform for success? What significant advantages does email marketing have over other platforms? It Starts With You The key to an effective email marketing campaign lies with the marketer that’s creating the email. Although email has been branded as anRead More

B2B Marketing and Mobile Surge

Business users are without doubt consumers too and they would be expecting the same kind of integrated digital experience that brands such as Red Bull or Coca Cola might be offering. The challenge when targeting these users is to be able to create the same digital experience that they would fit their preferences and needs.Read More

Google’s Keyword Planner Is Now Showing Conversion Estimates

Google has recently announced on Google+ that their Keyword Planner Tool in Adwords has experienced an upgrade and is now supporting conversion estimates. Keyword Planner users can now make use of a slider to see how different types of bids may affect their campaign’s performance depending on whether it is on mobile or desktop devices.Read More

Effective Marketing Strategies for Online Startups

If you have just started an online startup, you might probably not have all the funding to indulge into traditional marketing strategies. Luckily, there are certain strategies that are not so costly that would yield some benefits when you are starting out. It just requires certain amount of effort on your side. Adopt a greatRead More

How You Could Benefit From Twitter’s New “Buy” Button

Twitter is trying to make e-commerce right from one “tweet” a reality. In September 2014, Twitter announced that they are trying out a new “buy” feature and soon its users would be able to purchase products from certain brands right from their Twitter account. From a business point of view, this could be an exceptionalRead More