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Programmatic Ad Buying 101

Programmatic ad buying is a method used by advertisers to purchase media at a volume that was not previously possible. This newer method of display advertising enables marketers to reach larger segments of people, through publications that deliver highly-targeted audiences. The result is better conversion rates, increase reach and the ability to truly harness theRead More

B2B Marketing and Mobile Surge

Business users are without doubt consumers too and they would be expecting the same kind of integrated digital experience that brands such as Red Bull or Coca Cola might be offering. The challenge when targeting these users is to be able to create the same digital experience that they would fit their preferences and needs.Read More

Negative Yelp Reviews Could Ruin Your Business

By Pierre Zarokian from Reputation Stars As most small businesses know negative Yelp reviews have the power to ruin a business and even cause to go out of business. Many have tried suing Yelp for not removing defamatory posts and have failed due to the Communications Decency Act. Yelp’s Court Wins Yelp recently won aRead More

Effective Credit Card Payment Processing Solutions

No matter which business you are in, based on the kind and volume of financial transactions made, one’s business is considered as a small, medium and large business. But no matter whether they are small or large, merchants have to accept credit card payment on a daily basis if they have to garner profits. AndRead More